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Recessed Ceiling
-General Application
-Ultra Thin

These luminaires are ideal for large, high-ceilinged rooms and are installed directly in suspended ceilings. Thanks to their downward-directed light, they are also suitable for accentuating prominent areas, such as points of sale, or for highlighting works of art.

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Recessed Wall
-Step Wall

Luminaires with directed light are used to illuminate pathways and areas both on the ground and on the ceiling. Since the body of the luminaire is fully installed within the wall, this luminaire causes no risk of accident.

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Surface Mount

Unlike recessed ceiling luminaires, installation is quicker and easier as there is no need to install a recessed housing into a concrete ceiling.

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-Traditional Rounds
-Traditional Squares
-Other Shapes

The mounting can be on the wall or suspended. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

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Wall Packs
-Floods, Projectors
-Wall Washers

Luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution primarily illuminate the floor adjacent to the installation surface.

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Architectural Mount
-Wall Mount
-Pole Mount

The architectural design of these luminaires always fits perfectly with the different outdoor styles. The safety aspect plays a large part in road lighting.

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Pillars & Bollards

Pillars and bollards luminaires are ideal for the illumination of streets and squares. This type of luminaire is suitable for dividing up and structuring outdoor spaces. As the Architectural Mount, the safety aspect plays a large part in road lighting.

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Commercial + Institutional
-High Bay / Low Bay
-Parkade + VP + Canopy

Every project has its own objectives and aesthetic needs, Commercial or Institutional style lights are always a great option to illuminate those large halls or corridors.

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-Tape Light
-Power Supplies

Take a look at the accessories and other complements we have if you want to complement or restock a project. Write us if you do not find what you are looking for.


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